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Dialux Evo Beginner Whether you’re an aspiring lighting designer or a seasoned professional looking to expand your skills, this course is designed to take your Dialux Evo expertise to the next level

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Evo 12

Beginner to Advanced level

DIALux holds a distinguished status as the leading software for lighting design, serving as an indispensable tool for professionals integrating lighting into their projects. This software is particularly valuable for planning, calculating, and visualizing both indoor and outdoor lighting designs. Widely recognized in the industry, DIALux stands as a must-have resource for professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their lighting endeavors.


“You will get a hard copy of official certificate from DIAL Germany by post if you successfully completed the online course. ”

Eng. Nilusha Rajapaksha
BSc Eng (Hons) , MIEEE, MIES,
Certified Dialux evo trainer
Director at Candela Lighting Design

Resource Person

Nilusha Rajapaksha has more than 17 years’ experience in the construction industry as a lighting designer, educator, technology consultant, auditor and business owner. She has consulted as a lighting designer for a range of projects especially in the hospitality sector such as 3-5 star rated hotels, boutique hotels, restaurants, villas and building facades. Nilusha is passionate about educating her students about lighting simulations using Dialux software where she is a trained and certified Dialux trainer by DIAL, Germany.

Based on continuous training, Nilusha is up to date regarding the handling of DIALUX and its development.

www.candeladesigns.com is her company to undertake lighting designs for hotels, villas, retails, building facades, residences.


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